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Saturday, August 19, 2006
If you don't know how to do it, outsource it!
I believe that the internet marketplace has a great financial potential.
I also believe that so far we have taken advantage of it by a very small portion.

The problem is : How can you create an online campaign if you don't know programming?
and if you manage to create such a web spot, how can you maintain it? i mean, you have to include attractive content in it, you have to have a cool layout for your site so that other people my visit and revisit and so on.

Well, outsource it! if you have a small budget and the appetite to start an ebusiness go to the pros and let them do it for you.

By a small budget, i mean something between 100$ and 200$ or maybe less depending on the price that you'll deal.

You can always start with a blog, but what if you need a web site? or a fresh-made theme for blog? Who is going to design it for you if you don't know how to do it?

And even if you start with a simple blog, what if you want some fresh-made content like articles, for your site? If you don't want ready-made content from an article directory and you need to write something new, copyrighted by you?

The best way is to outsource it. There are many outsourcing sites out there but the best place to post a project is by far,

I have worked there as a coder and made money developing for buyers or debugging for coders.
RentACoder is one of the safest places around to post a job and have it done by your deadline.

How does it works?
- You sign up for free and you are under no obligation to accept any bids from coders unless you choose to.
- All coders have their online resume accompaning their profile so you see who is who, if the coder was rated, what was rated and how well he does his job
- Once you accept a bid, you will place your payment into escrow. The money is not released to the coder, till they complete the work according to your original specification. There are no service charges or finders fees for buyers. What you have agreed to pay to the coder, is what it will cost to you.
- You then review coder's work. If in fact is what you requested, you then accept coder's work
- Funds held in escrow by
RentACoder, are then released to the coder.
- You rate the coder

If coder's work is either not as it was supposed to be or it doesn't meet with your deadline (unless you have agreed with the coder) you can go through the arbitration process and if you are right in the first place, you receive your money back.

All personal details are safely encrypted and guarded. No personal information is released to the public unless you want to.

I believe it to be the best outsourcing place around.

Give a click at
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What a beautiful day...
Hello boys and girls worldwide.

In this virtual lounge coffee e-house, we will have our coffees but also we will share tips and tricks on how to make a decent extra buck.

As we age, we and our families grow and needs grow as well. Salaries nowadays are not good enough for most of us. Making an extra buck has become a difficult task. We need fresh ideas and cool money making tips.

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions.
Any tips or links to pages that contain cool moneymaking tips, are welcome.

So grab your cup and let the journey begin.
Thank you all for your time. Friendly hugz to each and everyone of you :)
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