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The greatest achievement of them all in order to maximize profit and increase earnings is traffic. But you need quality content in order to do that because it is easy to bring people to your site, but it takes a reaaaaally good content to keep the visitors coming back again. Keep reading. There are lots of usefull info comming up on this issue.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
The Hidden Traffic Converting Technique of Affiliate Internet Marketing Specialist
Author: Emmanuel Aubrey

Would you like to learn a technique that has made a few smart affiliate Internet marketing pros convert there viewer's into buyers in one visit to there website.

First I want to make sure to let you know that this information is best used once you have some traffic coming to you website or know how to get some traffic, this is only a piece of a strategy but a very important part.

When you are building a website and trying to promote an affiliate product it can sometimes be hard to get people to buy what you are promoting. In affiliate Internet marketing you should always look for a way to help the customer first then give them something that can help them better or easier. An example is, say some one is looking for information on how to build back links to there website, well you could tell them all the ways of getting back links then you could offer a software program that semi-automates or automates the process.

Now on to the main topic of this article one of the best ways to convert your viewers into buyers is buy using the multiple review format. You do this by finding a couple products that are similar and lining them up side by side with all there features.

There are many reasons this is good for affiliate Internet marketing one main reason, compared to a site that focuses around one product multiple review sites make you seem unbiased which makes the viewer feel like there in control.

The other great thing is multiple review sites can produce multiple streams of income from one website because most people will pick you top choice but some will pick the others.

Another great reason to use the multiple review technique is it also provides you with a hedge if one of your merchants decides to go out of business or any other reason that would cause you to want to change your mind you have other products to choose from.

When using the multiple review type of website it is best to state the facts and let the best product shine on its on weather that be through benefits or testimonials.

I would say that in a competitive niche this is one of the best ways of converting your traffic into sales but remember it is more than just throwing up one web-page and sending a bunch of traffic to them you must have some content for them to feel as if they got a valuable experience from the visit and depending on the niche your in and how creative you are. Remember to build a relationship with your customers so that you can have repeat customers.

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About the Author:

Emmanuel Aubrey Affiliate Marketer, Get More out of the work you already do. Need advice, help, or free quality information vist

or Affiliate program lead marketing

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
How To Double Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions Without Growing Your List
By: Alex Nghiem

Most Internet marketers start out by being an affiliate marketer, selling other people's products. This a reasonable strategy because affiliate marketing offers many benefits including:

* No fulfillment costs

* Quick time to market

* Huge product selection

* Few, if any, customer service issues

However, if you ask most affiliate marketers, you would find that they are not satisfied with their commissions. Why is this?

The answer is in understanding the concept of front-end vs. backend marketing. The front-end product (usually a low-priced eBook in ClickBank) is usually sold to create a qualified lead, who is then offered an upsell to a higher end product (such as a ticket to a live event or a coaching program). This is the BIGGEST secret of marketing and world class marketers such as Mike Filsaime, Dan Kennedy, and Jay Abraham have used this concept to make millions for themselves and for their clients.

Since most affiliate marketers don't understand this concept, they continue to try to sell more low-end products to increase their commissions when in reality, they should be offering an immediate upsell for a higher-end product. Using the upsell technique of higher-end products has some advantages over selling more low-end products:

* You don't have to grow your list

* You can get make more money immediately vs. having to wait for new sales to come in

* That customer is statistically 10 times more likely to buy from you again because he's made 2 purchases vs. a single purchase

In many cases, the sale of a single higher product is the equivalent of selling 5 or more of the original product.

Let's take a quick example. Let's assume that you're selling a $20 product and getting a 50% commission [you would then make $10 per sale]. To get to $500 dollars, you would have to sell 50 copies of this product.

Now, let's assume that you offer a $200 product upsell [as an affliate and you get 50% on this as well] as soon as the customer buys. Even if only 10% of your buyers take the upsell, you would get an additional $100 per sale. Of course, you have to seek out joint venture partners that offer higher end products but those are easy to find.

Let's quickly compare your commission then after 10 sales:

* 10 sales x $10 commission per sale = $100

* 10 sales x $10 commission per sale = $100 + 1 upsell commission of $100 = $200

You have doubled your affiliate marketing commission with the same amount of effort and without having to grow your list! A 10% upsell is very doable because the best time to sell somebody is when they just bought.

I hope that simple example illustrates how you can double your affiliate marketing business, even without growing your list.

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About the Author:

Alex Nghiem is the creator of The Backend Cash Manuscript, the world's first A-Z system for making up to 10X with a backend of high-end products. To get your FR^EE video [value $49], visit

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Saturday, January 20, 2007
Make Money With Your Own Niche Business
By: Jude Wright

Niche marketing is a popular buzz world on the Internet these days. But, what is niche marketing? More to the point, can you make money doing it?

First, let's define niche marketing. Niche marketing is targeting a specific keyword to base your promotion, website and/or business on. You can create many niche websites that all refer back to a broader topic such as recipes. A niche for that topic might be weight loss recipes. Or you can get even more specific with Atkins Diet recipes.

Can you make money with nich marketing? The answer to that is a resounding "Yes." With niche marketing, you can have those all important "multiple streams of income" coming in. You can have adsense income, affiliate income and money from sales of your own product, such as an ebook. You are only limited to your imagination.

Most newcomers to online marketing immediately focus on Internet marketing itself as a topic. The problem with this tactic is that the market is already dominated by the big name gurus. A better way to go would be to look for niche markets that are not related to Internet marketing.

So, how do you find a highly targeted niche that will be profitable for you? Well, you do your research.

First, what are you interested in? Do you have a hobby that you are passionate about? Take that topic and do a keyword search at This site will take your general category word and "drill it down" to more specific keywords. For instance, from dogs to poodles to how to groom poodles. These are words that people are using for searches for this topic. Take a look at the KEI or keyword popularity. You're looking for a keyword that is high in demand but doesn't have a lot of websites on the topic.

Once you have your target, think about how you can make your website unique from the other websites competing with you for your topic. Then, use that with your keyword to register your domain name. Register a domain that is as close to your highly targeted keyword as possible. Now you will gather information and articles and write your own content about your subject. Since you are passionate about this topic, it should be easy for you!

Build your website and get it online and ready to attract visitors. Be sure that each page of your website is complete with meta tags. Mega tags tell the search engines what your website is about. At the very least, you'll have your page title, description and keywords. Add Google Adsense and a few affiliate products that based on your web page's keywords.

Now, how do you get visitors to your beautiful new website? That's a whole topic in itself, but here are a few ideas.

1. Write articles and submit them to article directories. I believe this is the number one way to get "back links" to your site. Back links show the search engines that people are linking to your website and makes your site look more popular to the search engines. It also establishes you as an expert on your website's topic.

2. Visit forums that are related to your niche market. Take part in the discussions there - but don't blatently advertise your website. You'd probably get banned.

3. Create a signature file so that every time you send out an email, your new website is introduced to whoever you write to.

4. Build a list by creating a newsletter about your topic. Find or write a short report (about 20 or so pages) about your topic and give it away as incentive for site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

You can make money with niche marketing. It does take time. You're not going to have thousands of visitors the first day but with work and persistence, your website traffic will build until you'll see a good profit from your Adsense and affiliate products.

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About the Author:

Jude Wright is the owner of more than 30 niche websites. She uses her own Recipe Script, found at, to create her recipe niche websites.

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